Billiards Wizard

Cue wizard George H. Sutton visited Tacoma's Naubert & Manning billiard academy in October of 1925 where he defeated George Latshaw 250-78, running off 147 in a row. Nicknamed "Handless," Mr. Sutton toured the country and amazed spectators with his skills for almost 35 years. He had lost his arms below the elbows at age…
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Two large machines, resembling cement mixers, were used to clean cowhides at the Hibbard-Stewart Co. in the Port of Tacoma Industrial Yard on October 9, 1970. Once the hides were cleaned and dried, they were converted into leather and used to manufacture a variety of products including bags, clothing and shoes. Hibbard-Stewart Co., founded in…
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Snack Time?

Chief Boatswain Arthur L. Parker, US Navy, and his horse, Flicka. Mr. Parker heats up food on an electric range while Flicka pokes her head in from the back porch. These two have been together since Flicka was a colt in Tulagai. During the invasion in Tulagai, Flicka's mother was killed. Flicka ran off and…
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