Library cardholders receive a weekly print/copy credit of $5.00.

Black and white prints are charged at 10 cents per page, and color prints are charged at 20 cents per page.

All library locations have a multi-function print/scan/copy device available for use.

You can send prints from library computers or from your personal device via the ePRINTit web page at (more on that service, below).

Scanning to USB is available free of charge.

Copies are available at the same costs as prints, 10 cents per page for black and white and 20 cents per page for color. When paying with credit card for copies, there is a 99 copy maximum per transactions.

ePRINTit Remote Printing

The ePRINTit remote printing service allows you to send documents from your personal device to a printer at the Tacoma Public Library location of your choice.

Access the remote printing service through the web page portal:

Paper sizes supported:

  • Letter (8.5"x11")
  • Ledger (11"x17")
  • Legal (8.5"x14")

You can retrieve the print at any library location with your card number and PIN. If you have not printed with us before, you will need to speak to a staff member to retrieve your prints.

Library staff will need the guest name you used to send the print to find it and send it to the printer.

At this time, the ePRINTit service offered through the library is not compatible with the ePRINTit app, but the web page option works on smartphones, tablets, and computers!

Printing FAQ

  • You can print from the library's public computers for $0.10 a page for black and white and $0.20 a page for color. Print up to $5 worth of prints for free weekly with your TPL library card! Prints can be paid for with cash or credit/debit card.

  • Yes. You can visit and upload documents from your personal device.

  • Yes. If you log in to a library computer with your student ID then you may print documents for $0.10 a page for black and white and $0.20 a page for color. Print up to $5 worth of prints for free! Please note, paying for printouts is cash only.

  • Once you send a print, it will stay in the queue waiting to be released for 2 days.

Computer FAQ

  • Computers are available when we open until 10 minutes before we close. 

  • Sit down at any open station and type in the barcode number from the back of your library card. 

    If you don't have a library card ask at the desk for a one time use guest pass.

  • Yes! Get 120 minutes of computer time per day and unlimited access to free WiFi.

    Library computers are equipped with internet access, office software, and more.

  • Computers can be used for up to 120 minutes per day with a valid library card. 

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