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More locations opening in Phase 3

TPL will open more locations and adjust services and operations for Phase 3. Changes include ending the quarantine of materials, opening…
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Jun 22nd | 6:30pm - 7:30pm Online Event
Create your very own podcast from concept to download. This program is designed for students ages 12 and up. Please register to attend.
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Local History

Sir Bolivar Buckshot

In June of 1935, Champion Bulldog Sir Bolivar Buckshot posed steadfastly with his many trophies. Bred and owned by Mr. and Mrs. Frank W.…
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Summer Vacation Movies

Get into vacation mode with these feel-good films that will have you thinking about cool drinks and warm summer nights.
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Summer Reading Challenge

Northwest Room Scavenger Hunt

Use Tacoma Public Library's Northwest Room eresources to complete this fun scavenger hunt!
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