Knotting To It!

In January of 1943, Gust Lewis Formuzis used the rope tying skills that he had acquired in over 25 years at sea to create handmade bell ropes for the ships built at the Todd Shipyard. Mr. Formuzis, of Greek heritage, had served in both the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Navy before settling in…
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Vice Not, Want Not?

Police Sergeant Sherman Lyons and Officer Clarence Rolfson watch as a city jail trustee splinters a pinball machine with a sled hammer. The two big automatic payout marble boards and several small slot machines were seized by police here over the last few months. On January 6, 1939 operators of all known or suspected speakeasies…
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Turkey Derby

Enthusiastic members of the newly formed (South) 38th Street Boosters Club wanted to let prospective customers know that they were ready to "talk turkey" (sales lingo meaning to "make a deal"), so they held a turkey derby in December of 1939. Members attempted to coax 30 turkeys to race to a feed bag at the…
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