Buzzy and Ricky

Image of Harry P. Cain II and dog Ricky

In 1940, the heated election fight between former mayor Melvin G. Tennent and Harry P. Cain ended in March with Mr. Cain elected mayor of Tacoma. Mr. Cain's name had been placed on the ballot by a superior court mandamus order days before the election. "This is the dirtiest deal ever pulled in the city […]

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Tacoma Home Show Queen

Image of Elaine Burt on a llama

In March of 1972 Elaine Burt, the newly crowned Tacoma Home Show Queen, smiled prettily while perched on the back of a llama. Her placid companion, who also appears to be smiling, was on display during the 26th edition of the home show held at the University of Puget Sound Fieldhouse from March 28 through […]

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Lt. George Rapin And Daughter Barbara

Image of Lt. George Rapin and daughter Barbara

Lieutenant George Rapin, on leave in March of 1944, crouches to kiss his daughter, Barbara. He was on his first trip home since she was born. George Rapin graduated from Bellarmine High School in 1934. He and his family moved to California shortly after WWII. See more featured images and posts

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The Voyager

Image of a boat

The "Voyager" a 237-foot tuna seiner, underwent successful sea trials in March of 1972 after launching ceremonies at Tacoma Boatbuilding on February 12, 1972. See more featured images and posts

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Lydia Hillert and Filberta – the Musical Mouse

Image of Mrs. Hillert and mouse Filberta

On March 3, 1937, the front page of the Tacoma Times was graced with this photograph of Lydia (Mrs. Fred) Hillert and Tacoma's newest operatic starlet, Filberta, her singing mouse. Mrs. Hillert had discovered the mouse in the shed behind her house at 1616 E. 32nd Street and first attributed the song to a bird. […]

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Ben Cheney and Willie Mays

Image of Ben Cheney and Willie Mays

Local lumberman and philanthropist Ben Cheney in a Giants uniform, standing next to baseball star Willie Mays of the San Francisco Giants. Mr. Cheney had journeyed to Arizona in March, 1963, and was present during the Giants' spring training. He was the owner of the Tacoma Giants, minor league affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. […]

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Diores Moore

Image of Mr. Diores Moore

On March 1, 1939 Diores Moore rose early, donned his Sunday clothes, started a fire in the wood-burning range, put on his wife's apron, and started cooking. He wanted to surprise his wife by making a special dinner for his 94th birthday. He did not want his wife to go to any extra effort. Eleven […]

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Maefair Apartment Fire

Image of the Maefair Apartmens fire

The Maefair Apartment fire is the deadliest in Tacoma's history. Before dawn on February 17, 1945 fire broke out in the Hamilton Candy Company at 721 Fawcett Avenue. The fire quickly spread upstairs to the Maefair. By the time the first alarm was received at 2:12 a.m. the building was already engulfed in flames. Twenty […]

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Olympic Health Spa

Image of two women

Exercise can be fun as this smiling model demonstrates on the BC Health Walker on March 10, 1967. The treadmill was just one of the up-to-date exercise machines at the new Olympic Health Spa, 5206 South Tacoma Way. Other amenities offered to membership holders in a February 24, 1967, advertisement included a hot mineral swirl pool, […]

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Pioneer Sand and Gravel

Image of Pioneer Sand and Gravel pit

A bird’s eye  of the sand and gravel operations belonging to the Pioneer Sand & Gravel Co. north of Chambers Creek near Steilacoom. This February 11, 1963, photograph shows the enormous gravel pit surrounded by acres of trees. The sand and gravel could be easily transported both by water with barges and by rail. See […]

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