Bump the Axis

Image of a fishing fleet

When President F.D. Roosevelt called for a nationwide scrap rubber collection campaign to take place June 15-30, 1942, Tacoma's fishing fleet responded by giving up their boat bumpers to "Bump" the Axis. Rubber recycling was necessary because 92% of the U.S.'s normal supply of crude rubber had been cut off by the Japanese. On June […]

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Cushman Indian Hospital Commissary Fire

Image of building on fire

On June 21, 1938, firemen watch as the side of a building collapses and smoke billows from inside. The $30,000 fire on June 20-21 at the United States Cushman Indian Hospital destroyed the hospital commissary, a two and 1/2 story, wood frame building. The intense flames lit up the night for miles. The fire fight […]

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Image of a tugboat

The tugboat "Sioux" chugs powerfully through the waves as she undergoes sea trials on June 29, 1970. Launched at Martinac Shipbuilding on June 13th along with sister tug, "Seneca", she would be used to haul barges to the oil fields of Alaska's Prudhoe Bay. See more featured images and posts

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Fathers and Sons

Image of a banquet

To honor fathers and sons of University Place and Day Island communities, the University Place School sponsored a banquet on March 2, 1934. The program included music by Fred May's orchestra, Boy Scout demonstrations and motion pictures on scouting, boxing and songs. See more featured images and posts

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Tray Vittles – Yum!

Image of a woman displaying box of takeout food

In June of 1954, customers at Scotty's Cafe, 29 Tacoma Ave. North, could purchase Tray Vittles, "delicious foods served conveniently", packaged in easy-to-carry boxes. The complete hot dinners, which might have included soup, burgers & fries, turkey and mashed potatoes, and a large wedge of pie, could be consumed at home, in hotel rooms, offices, […]

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Jack Dempsey

Image of Jack Dempsey

William Harrison "Jack" Dempsey celebrated his 49th birthday while visiting Tacoma in support of the 5th War Bond drive. The guest of honor at a dinner held at the Hotel Winthrop, Dempsey was surprised by the appearance of a cake since he had not mentioned it was his birthday. He blew out all 49 candles […]

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Denn Powder Company Explosion

Image of a man with a damaged time clock

Two massive explosions at the Denn Powder Co. dynamite plant eight miles northeast of Olympia, on June 27, 1934, killed ten people outright and injured six. Packing room employee O.R. Mitchell displays a damaged time clock with its hands stopped at 3:55, the time of the blasts. Many of the deaths and injuries may have […]

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Alders on Elwha

Image of alders on Elwha river

Alders growing along the Elwha River in what is now the Olympic National Park. The photograph that is a base for this hand tinted lantern slide was taken by Asahel Curtis during the trip to plan the 1907 Mountaineers Outing to the Olympic range. See more featured images and posts

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Straw Hat Day 1926

Image of women on s giant straw hat

Mildred Stiles, left, and Viola Barth were photographed dancing the charleston on top of a giant model straw hat in front of the Tacoma totem pole celebrating the arrival of Straw Hat Day in 1926. During the twenties Straw Hat Day in May was the date when men discarded their heavy wool hats for cooler […]

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Bob and Al: Marble Kings

Image of two men playing marbles

In May of 1940, Robert H. Hager (left), physical education supervisor for Tacoma Public Schools, and Al Hodges, playground and recreation supervisor for Metropolitan Parks, were photographed demonstrating the correct "knuckle down" hand position required in the upcoming Marble King Tournament. See more featured images and posts

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