Daffodil Parade 1967

Image of a Daffodil Festival float

The "stream" of "hot coffee" does not seem to soil the white ballroom gown of Susan Bona, the 1966 Daffodil Queen, as she stands in the daffodil coffee cup waving to the large crowds lining Pacific Avenue during the 1967 Daffodil parade. The Coffee House Roasters float #21, cleverly named the "Queen's Coffee Break" was […]

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Carol Glenn

Image of Carol Glenn

Carol Glenn of Bethel High School was crowned the 1977 Daffodil Festival Queen in ceremonies held at Pacific Lutheran University on March 9, 1977. Miss Glenn, a senior, was the first top royalty selected from her school and the first African-American to receive that honor.  Miss Glenn, the daughter of retired Staff Sergeant and Mrs. […]

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How to Pull a Rabbit Out of a Hat

Image of magicians and rabbits

In April of 1936, four local members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians showed how easy it is to pull a rabbit from a hat. The four were publicizing the upcoming Magicians' Ring show and banquet on April 11, 1936. The magicians, left to right, were Herb Schuh, secretary and stage director of the Tacoma […]

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Bud and Bob at a Water Carnival

Image of two boys with a diver's helmet

Bud Likins (left) and Bob Wilhelmi hold the shallow water divers helmet that they brought with them to the Y.M.B.C. (Young Men's Business Club) Water Carnival held at Point Defiance in April of 1938. Bob Wilhelmi, a student at Stadium High School, built the helmet. He is holding one of the starfish that he brought […]

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Earthquake Aftermath

Image of earthquake damage

An unidentified waitress offers a fireman something to eat, outside a badly damaged diner, in this photograph from April of 1949. On April 13, 1949, at 11:55 a.m. a 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the Puget Sound basin. The quake was felt over 150,000 square miles, and killed eight people. This unidentified restaurant is believed to […]

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Fashion at the Top of the Ocean

Image of a fashion show

The Tacoma Yacht Club Shipmates modeling the latest "Sea and Sun" California-designed fashions in April of 1947. View of four models in outfits perfect for sun bathing on a luxurious yacht or just cruising through the Pacific Northwest. They are standing on a small stage at the Top of the Ocean Restaurant. See more featured […]

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Scottish Rite Cathedral

Image of the interior of the Scottish Rite Cathedral

Interior view of the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 5 South "G" St. The $200,000 structure, located at Park Heights & Division Avenue overlooking Wright Park, was formally dedicated on April 7, 1922. It would remain a Masonic temple only until 1937 when it was sold to the Independent Bible Church and subsequently remodeled. See more featured […]

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Mr. Barker Returns a Call

Image of a dog at a telephone

The first Thursday in April of 1926 was a busy day for telephone number Main 4515. All day the phone rang for "Mr. Towser", "Mr. Barking" and "Mr. K.Nine." Lee Kane took messages for the missing Messrs. advising callers that they would call back shortly. Mr. Kane was a Tacoma police officer stationed at the […]

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Logs and Loggers

Image of logs and loggers

Two photographs were artfully combined in this March, 1936 work by photographer Marvin Boland. Large logs are pictured aboard an open railroad car on tracks while in the background are three unidentified men posed at the base of an enormous old-growth tree. See more featured images and posts

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End of an Elegant Instrument

Image of a piano in the dump

This old upright piano joined the rubbish heap at the City dump in March of 1937. City worker John Sankovich (at left) helped Cooney Transfer & Storage employees Charlie Merchant and Gene Robinson in disposing of the piano. The once elegant instrument was crafted in London about 100 years before and came into the possession […]

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