Show of Chrome

December was the month to showcase the upcoming year's new automobile models. Here the 1951 Chevrolets, including the Bel Air, are gleaming under the overhead lights of South Tacoma Motor Company at 5602 South Tacoma Way. Both South Tacoma Motor Co. and Walker Chevrolet would open their showrooms at night during part of December to […]

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Prized Poultry

On December 3, 1926, a quartet of salesgirls from the Rhodes Brothers department store departed from their usual duties to pose with four of the prize winning chickens from the 29th Annual Tacoma Poultry Show. The girls are, left to right, Isabel Kearns with a Rhode Island Red Cockerel, Irene (Iva) Ratcliffe with a Buff […]

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Horse Show at the Armory

The members of the Washington National Guard who created this human pyramid were just six of the more than 50 riders who thrilled a capacity crowd on November 29, 1937 at the first horse show of the season, held at the Armory. The show was sponsored by the Headquarters Troop, 24th Cavalry Division, Washington National […]

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The Ark – 1940s Style

A rain-soaked crowd of approximately 5,000 awaits the launching of Paul Satko's homemade vessel, the Ark, on Monday, November 6, 1939. Mr. Satko planned to transport his wife and seven children to Alaska on the Ark in the spring once all preparations were complete. It is believed that most boat experts were amazed that the […]

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One Happy Turkey!

From the evidence provided by this photograph, it may well be that the family of Paul and Marian Hebb had a vegetarian dinner for Thanksgiving in 1934. It appears that this turkey was thought of as more of a pet then a potential centerpiece for a holiday feast. The girls were identified by the Tacoma […]

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Bellarmine Mission

On November 17, 1927, Mrs. A.B. Smith was photographed with bottles of soda pop for sale at a charity benefit. Signs advertising ice cold Coca-Cola and Muscadine (5 cent) punch are attached to the wall. She was monitoring one of the booths at the Bellarmine College Fair, held at St. Leo's high school gym, from […]

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Banquet at the Winthrop

A beaming Harold Moss, at the podium, seems to have the head table in stitches at a testimonial dinner honoring City Manager David Rowlands on November 17, 1969. Guests seated at round banquet tables in the Winthrop's Crystal Ballroom appear to be enjoying Mr. Moss' remarks. November 17th was Mr. Rowlands' last day as City […]

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Ruston Liquor Store

Beatrice Carmichael standing behind the counter in Ruston liquor store operated by herself and her husband Dean in January of 1979. After more than 20 years, Ruston finally regained its own liquor store. The 700-square-foot store was an agency outlet, not a state-owned operation. It was housed at 5609 N. 51st St., on a street […]

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