Creepin’ it Real

Know the horror before it knows you. These terrifying cases of true crime, available at Tacoma Public Library, will have you looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.  The Black Dahlia The D.B. Cooper Hijacking The Zodiac Killer An Unspeakable Crime The Freedom Summer Murders The Gift of Fear

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Holiday Zen Doodle

Make Zen doodle a part of your holiday with these fun and interesting cards. You will come away with unique and beautiful art that will stun the viewers. Your holiday cards won’t go into recycling but will be framed for the New Year. Register today!  

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Rock Painting II

Calling out to rock painters interested in trying something different. Take a look at alternative and homemade tools, a variety of sealants, and a multitude of markers. This isn’t for beginners but for rock painters who have been doing this for a while. Rock Painting II is an opportunity to share your own experience and […]

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Library Reads Top 10 October 2017

Nothing says “must read” quite like a Librarian’s stamp of approval! Every month releases the top 10 picks for the month, as voted on by Librarians across the country.  At the end of the year, Librarians vote for their Favorites of Favorites. Subscribe to Tacoma Library’s e-Newsletter service and get the Library Reads picks and more delivered straight […]

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Censorship and Music

Books aren’t the only creative voice subject to censorship. Music tells a story too, in a voice some don’t want you to hear. From Billie Holiday to Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks to Nine Inch Nails, musicians of all genres have come face to face with censorship controversy. The Radio Act of 1927 and the creation […]

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Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament

Tacoma Public Library, American Library Association, and Twitter have joined forces for Banned Books Week. September 24th through the 30th make your voice heard and become a Rebel Reader to fight censorship and protect your right to read!  Do any of the following to give your words power and join the Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament: […]

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School Spirit at Riverdale High

Follow the turbulent teen world of Archibald “Archie” Andrews like never before in The CW network series Riverdale. You can read Archie graphic novels, eBooks, books, or watch him come to life in the animated series available on Hoopla. Get caught up with these titles available at Tacoma Public Library! Archie Archie Volume 2 Archie […]

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