Suggest for Purchase & Interlibrary Loan

Suggest for Purchase & Interlibrary Loan

*Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services are paused starting February 1st due to construction progress at the Main Library. We look forward to working with you again after the remodel is complete.*

Hoping to borrow something, but can't find it in our catalog? If Tacoma Public Library does not have the item you want, we may be able to purchase a copy, or you may be able to borrow it from another library.  

Suggest for Purchase and Interlibrary Loans (ILL) are only available to residents of Tacoma (patrons who live outside Tacoma city limits must request through their home library system.) 

Suggest for Purchase 

For recently published titles, log into your account to suggest items you want to check out and to check if your request is approved. You can make up to three purchase suggestions a month, but please understand we cannot purchase every title suggested. Factors considered in items suggested for purchase include: 

  • Availability and cost 
  • 10 years old or newer 
  • Published or will be published in the next three months 

Suggest a Purchase FAQs

  • To suggest an item for purchase, please fill out the Suggest for Purchase, opens a new window form online or contact any Tacoma Public Library branch., opens a new window

    Unfortunately, the Library cannot purchase everything that is requested. Suggestions will be evaluated using the Library’s selection criteria as stated in the Collection Development Policy.


  • The online Suggest for Purchase, opens a new window form requires a user to log in because suggestions are managed from within your Library Account. If you do not have a Tacoma Public Library card, you can get a card and make a suggestion at one of our eight branch locations., opens a new window

  • You can make up to 3 purchase suggestions each month. Please suggest only one format per title. Suggestions are tracked in your Library Account.

  • Librarians are guided by selection criteria outlined in the Collection Development Policy, as well as the current budgetary circumstances.

Borrow a book from another Library (Interlibrary Loan) 

*Service not currently available.*

For older and scholarly titles, we may be able to borrow from another library. Each patron can request up to three interlibrary loans (ILL) a month. ILLs are perfect for titles that are: 

  • Published more than five years ago 
  • Academic or specialist titles 
  • Articles from publications that TPL doesn’t subscribe to 


  • Due to the Main Library remodel where our Interlibrary Loan team is located, Interlibrary Loan Services will be paused starting February 1st until the remodel is complete. 

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