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Intimate reflections reveal the heart of a neighborhood through family and community memories. This online gallery exhibit will feature the visual art by Dionne Bonner and audio documenting the stories of Hilltop residents as recorded by Whitney Brady in a narrative description of an iconic place beloved and uniquely positioned at the heart of a city.

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The Hilltop Listening Project was a concept developed by Whitney Brady and Jordan Pugsley as a way to document the oral history of the Hilltop by the people themselves. They recorded interviews with 20 people with deep connections to the Hilltop, featuring someone born in every decade from the 1920's through 2000's.

All of the recordings were done in the Spring of 2017.

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Track 1, opens a new window                        

How has the neighborhood changed?

Track 7, opens a new window                        

People Center History - Part 1

Track 2, opens a new window                        

What are your earliest memories? - Places

Track 8, opens a new window                        

Malcolm X Center (Tom Hilyard)

Track 3, opens a new window                        

Fish House origin story, Jone's Glass and Used Materials origin story

Track 9, opens a new window                        

Favorite Places, streets where people grew up, forgotten history (fruit trees, etc.)

Track 4, opens a new window                        

People Center History - Part 2

Track 10, opens a new window                        

What businesses do you remember being on Hilltop?

Track 5, opens a new window                        

Names and Ages of all interviewees

Track 11, opens a new window                        


Track 6, opens a new window                        

How did you or your family get to Hilltop? - Family History of Hilltop


About Dionne Bonner

Dionne is a visual artist and graphic designer and a graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle. Dionne through art and design creates space for open dialog and reflection by connecting community voice to the creative process. She has worked with a variety of organizations including museums, art collectives, nonprofit educational groups and city and state agencies. As a project-based community engagement specialist with Spaceworks Tacoma, Dionne designed a public art installation to encourage public comment with three chalkboards in the Hilltop community in Tacoma. Other examples of her community art include a temporary public installation on the grounds of the Salishan community to touch on the historical significance of indigenous land and a participatory intersection mural called Paint the Street in collaboration with the Lincoln District Revitalization Project. Dionne lives in Tacoma.

To view more information about the contributing artists you can connect with them at the following:
• Dionne Bonner, dionnebonner.com, opens a new window, dionnembonner@gmail.com, 253-219-1162
• Whitney Brady, w.m.brady@hotmail.com