Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan

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Mission (Our purpose and why we exist)

We empower our community by bringing people together to discover, connect, create, learn, and thrive.

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Vision (Aspirations we have for our library)

We are radically welcoming: a trusted community hub where all people can find joy, compassion, and inspiration.

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Values (What we believe in)

We work to break down barriers of access. Our commitment to racial equity and social justice guides our work, allowing us to learn about and respond to Tacoma’s diverse communities’ needs and opportunities. We believe that learning is a human right. We work to provide free access to information and ideas from diverse points of view and encourage our community to explore new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. We foster a culture of teamwork. We engage with our community, our partners, and one another to cultivate collaboration and innovation. We are committed stewards of our human, environmental, and financial resources. We practice equitable decision-making and resource allocation, and take an active, visible role in supporting sustainable and resilient communities.
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Community Insights Lead to Strategic Priorities

With these insights in mind, the Strategic Planning Team developed a set of five strategic priorities for the library.

Equity and Access

We are committed to racial equity and social justice. It guides our work in serving Tacoma’s diverse communities, especially the most vulnerable and underserved.

Learning, Creativity, and Innovation

We will be the place for learning, discovery, and innovation.

Investment in Youth

We believe that youth are the future and we will prioritize services, programs, and partnerships that nurture and develop young minds.

Cultivate and Engage Community

We will be the center for connecting people, ideas, and places.

Responsible and Resilient

We will be an integral partner in a sustainable network that supports a thriving Tacoma.

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