Solutions For a Healthy Sound

“We stand at a generational crossroads for the recovery of Puget Sound, and by extension, the greater Salish Sea.” —Leonard Forsman, tribal chairman of the Suquamish Tribe

We all have a role to play in restoring healthy salmon and orca populations and building resiliency in Puget Sound. From planting rain gardens to filter rainwater and reduce the pollution entering the Sound to committing not to dump pollutants in drains that lead to the Salish Sea, individuals and businesses are making a difference. And by writing, calling, and showing up at the Capitol in Olympia, thousands of people make their voices heard, reminding their representatives how important these waters and wildlife are to all of us.

Change begins with each of us, and now is the time to act individually and collectively. We challenge you to join us to help protect Puget Sound. Focus on one action each month and share your experiences with family and friends to motivate and energize them.

We Are Puget Sound is a book and multimedia campaign that celebrates the diverse people and communities working to restore the Salish Sea--and helping everyone find their place in this movement.