10 Ways to Take Action

Change begins with each of us, and now is the time to act individually and collectively. Join us to help protect Puget Sound. We encourage you to join us in focusing on one action each month, opens a new window, and share your experience with family and friends to motivate and energize them.

The Following ten actions represent the collective wisdom of a number of influencers in our region, including journalists, federal and state government leaders, elected officials, tribal leaders, non-governmental organizations, and community leaders.

(1) Vote in local, state-level, and federal elections. To vote, you need to be registered. Here's how., opens a new window

(2) Hold your elected officials accountable.

(3) Understand and support tribal treaty rights.

(4) Reward businesses that protect the Sound and its people.

(5) Eat local.

(6) Support organizations that work for positive change.

(7) Include and empower communities of color.

(8) Empower young people.

(9) Reduce your own impacts.

(10) Experience your Puget Sound, and share it with someone you know.

More details about each of the ten ways to take action can be found here. https://www.wearepugetsound.org/10-things, opens a new window