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Puget Sound is a magnificent and intricate estuary. Rivers rush from the Cascade and Olympic mountains and Canada’s coastal ranges through varied watersheds to feed the Sound, supporting an astonishing array of interdependent life on land and sea. 

The Sound connects a vast range of people too. Forming  the southern portion of a rich, international ecosystem known as the Salish Sea, the region is shared by two countries, as well as more than fifty Native American Tribes and First Nations.

We Are Puget Sound is a book and multimedia campaign that celebrates the diverse people and communities working to restore the Salish Sea--and helping everyone find their place in this movement. This year, we created a photo exhibit that brings to life a beautiful, complex, and enduring portrayal of people connected to this unique ecosystem that defines their lives (watch this inspiring 3-minute  video),, opens a new window and an opportunity to educate, inspire, and activate. Simultaneously, the exhibit helps people to see themselves in the stories of Puget Sound, touches on the challenges we face,  and the solutions to tackle them both individually and collectively. It incorporates a message of urgency for action and really connects people to the places they love, live, or visit. This exhibit is being used as a way to challenge every person to join us to help Puget Sound. 

We Are Puget Sound is a pledge from Braided River, Washington Environmental Council, and a host of partners around the Pacific Northwest to celebrate, sustain, and protect Puget Sound. Join us and learn more at WeArePugetSound.org, opens a new window.  This traveling exhibit is made possible by the James Lea Foundation.


This exhibit has been brought to life by


Braided River, an imprint of Mountaineers Books, publishes photo-driven conservation books like We Are Puget Sound that are the foundation for creative communication campaigns to protect wild places in Western North America. 

Washington Environmental Council’s mission is to protect, restore, and sustain Washington’s environment for all. 

With the gracious support of the James Lea Foundation

Photographers featured:
Rob Casey
Brandon Cole
Drew Collins
Leslie Dorn
Natalie Fobes
Amy Gulick
Glenn Nelson
Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times
Joel Rogers
Harley Soltes
Gerrit Vyn
Brian Walsh
Art Wolfe

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