Creatures of the Salish Sea

The networks of fjords, bays, and inlets in the Puget Sound has its share of superlative creatures. The many habitats of the Sound serve as a remarkable home for animal and plant life. The Center for Biological Diversity in 2005 recognized about 7,000 species of organisms in Puget Sound basin, including over 4,200 animals, 1,500 plants, 850 fungi, and 30 algae, and it found that more than 950 species were imperiled. The SeaDoc Society reported the following animals in the Salish Sea marine environment alone: 38 mammal species, more than 170 bird species, and more than 260 fish species; they estimate there are more than 3,000 invertebrate species visible without a microscope!! Oh my, there are so many creatures in the Salish Sea ecosystem that we share a home with!

We Are Puget Sound, opens a new window is a book and multimedia campaign that celebrates the diverse people and communities working to restore the Salish Sea--and helping everyone find their place in this movement.

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