The Human Connection

For thousands of years, the bountiful land and waters we now call the Puget Sound and the Salish Sea regions have been a remarkably hospitable home for humans. Indigenous people established hundreds of permanent villages along rivers and the sheltered bays and coves of the inland sea. Today, these indigenous peoples are collectively called Coast Salish people, from their base language, Salish.

And, especially in the past two centuries with the arrival of Europeans and US settlers, humans have changed this place more than any other species has. This exhibit explores some of these changes, and how people today engage with the land—for play, work, spiritual grounding, and stewardship and protection of it for future generations.

We Are Puget Sound, opens a new window is a book and multimedia campaign that celebrates the diverse people and communities working to restore the Salish Sea--and helping everyone find their place in this movement.

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