The New Amongst the Old

Work is almost complete on the 1952 Main branch of the Tacoma Public Library. To the left is the Carnegie Library, a Renaissance structure built in 1903 from a design by Jardine, Kent and Jardine and with funds donated by industrialist Andrew Carnegie. To the right is the Main Library, built in 1952 from a design by Silas E. Nelsen. Construction is ongoing on the three floor structure. To the rear of the library soar the memorable spires of the Romanesque Pierce County Courthouse at 1012 S G St. The building was built in 1892 along grandiose lines. It was demolished in 1959 to provide space for a parking lot for the new County City building. To the left of the Courthouse, you can glimpse the Tacoma Vocational School (now Bates), built in 1941 at 1101 Yakima Ave., and the Washington National Guard Armory, built in 1908 at 715 S 11th St. The large building in the back and to the right of the library is the Central Lutheran Church at 1001 S G St. The church, built in 1889 as the First Presbyterian Church, was demolished to make room for the County City building.

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