The Many Lives of Amanda Quick

Under seven different pseudonyms, Jayne Ann Krentz has written more than 120 romance novels. Many have been bestsellers. Today, she uses only three names: Jayne Ann Krentz when writing contemporary romantic-suspense; Amanda Quick for historical romance-suspense; and Jayne Castle when penning paranormal romance-suspense.

When the author appears at Tacoma’s Main Branch at 7 PM on Wednesday evening, April 20, it will be as Amanda Quick, the bestselling author of historical romance – suspense.  Quick’s latest novel, 'Til Death Do Us Part is set against the backdrop of gaslight-tinted, death-obsessed Victorian London, The book is a mesmerizing historical romance / edgy thriller filled with goose-bump-inducing chills, romantic thrills and intriguing characters.

“I am often asked why I use a variety of pen names,” she once told a reporter.  “The answer is that this way readers always know which of my three worlds they will be entering when they pick up one of my books.”

Whatever name Ms. Krentz/Quick/Castle writes under, she has legions of fans. She (they) have over 50 bestsellers and more than 50 million copies of her (their) books in print.