Sleeping Beauty Stories For Brave Hearts Only

These five novels share the familiar landscape of Sleeping Beauty’s story, but each imagines the journey across that landscape in wildly different ways.

Enchantment This novel tells of a love so strong it brings this pair of seekers together despite profound cultural differences.  But now, stalked across worlds by a terrible darkness they have to ask, can love do more than keep them close?  Can it keep them safe?

A Kiss in Time Two voices intertwine here -- the boy who finds a comatose town with a drop-dead gorgeous girl asleep in the middle of it, and the girl herself who, after centuries, awakens “in the same place but in another time – to a stranger’s soft kiss.”  Which voice will have the last word?

A Wicked Thing Princess Aurora is afraid.  All the books say she should be living happily ever after, but now she wonders, has the sleeping curse left a mark on her soul as wicked as the witch who ensnared her with a poison spindle? 

Spindle's End McKinley has created a book so steeped in dark magic that readers will feel menaced as well as entertained.

Briar Rose With startling originality this version of Sleeping Beauty entwines the looming curse of a poison spindle with the terror of the Holocaust.  It is definitely not the fairytale your mother told you.