ROADS on Mars Student Challenge

STEAM Programming With a Mission
Grade Levels: 3-12

In the summer of 2020, NASA will launch its next rover to study Mars. NASA’s Northwest Earth and Space Science Pipeline team invites students to participate in a Red Planet rover mission of their own! The Rover Observation And Drone Survey (ROADS) on Mars Challenge will follow the path of the Mars 2020 rover. Teams will face challenges including engineering and programming, analyses of biological signatures and geologic features, not to mention flying to Mars and landing successfully. Top teams nationwide will win a trip to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the Mars 2020 launch!

Tacoma Public Library will be hosting practice sessions for two teams of students from November through May, 2020. Register today!

For more information:
Digital Media Lab Instructor John Hargis:
Children’s Librarian Brian Leu:
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