Kruger’s before Busch’s

Six carhops wearing capes with gold braid, short skirts and white cowboy boots served the cars in front of Kruger's Triple XXX Root Beer Barrel drive-in at 3505 South Tacoma Way in June of 1941. Frank J. Kruger opened his new Triple XXX Barrel restaurant in October 1936 with free root beer to one and all. He came west with a Triple XXX Barrel franchise in August of 1931 and had opened at a smaller location. The new building was 55' x 41' with both booths and stools indoors. There was room in their parking lot for at least 300 cars. In 1943 the building was purchased by Bill and Thelma Busch and became Busch's Drive-In. Since 2007 it has been a plumbing fixture showroom.

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