Buck’s A&W

1969 Buck's A&W Drive In menu. Buck’s, at 5805 Sixth Ave., offered an extensive menu for both drive-throughs and car diners. Burgers were given familiar "family" names - Papa, Mama, Teen and Baby with corresponding lowering prices from 70 cents to 30 cents. Fried chicken with fries was available for $1.00; fish & chips for 75 cents; side order of tossed salad at 20 cents, and hot dogs for 30 cents. Of course, the famous A&W root beer was readily sold at 20 cents for a large mugfull; souvenir mugs could also be purchased at cost for 50 - 35 cents. Customers could choose to take home their food, packed in "stay hot foil bags," or eat in their cars. Employees would pick up trays from vehicles upon completion of meals--the customer merely had to push a button for service. Buck's A&W was owned and operated by Robert Gehring.

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