Bookish Types – Thanks Gutenberg!

On June 23rd, join Tacoma Public Library as we give a big “thank you” to Johann Gutenberg and the legacy of invention that helped introduce the printing press and movable type, ushering in a new age of mass printing and book production.  Often credited as the most important and influential invention of the second millennium, movable type’s ability to print quickly and less expensively made education more accessible to the masses and played an invaluable role in the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Scientific Revolution.

With the rise of digital printing, the story of Johann’s inventive legacy continues. Be sure to explore Tacoma Library’s collection for both eBooks and audiobooks with Overdrive. Or, if you’re interested in an even larger selection of public domain digital texts, be sure to visit Project Gutenberg, one of the internet’s first online digital book collections, aptly named after our German friend.

This June, let’s celebrate the Gutenberg Press and the world of books it made possible. After all, if anyone loves books as much as Johann did, it’s your library! Tacoma Library is home to thousands of old and new printed materials in an array of subjects and formats to suit your needs. Experience the power of print while perusing the pages of these great books about Johann’s amazing invention.