Monique Piegdon

I began making chainmail jewelry in the early 2000’s. I find the patterns and versatility fascinating. My work begins with a spool of silver. Each ring is hand cut, shaped piece-by-piece, then tumbled to highlight the silver as much as possible. I love how perfectly Swarovski crystals pair with sterling silver, and how it shimmers in the light. I use both materials in many of my larger pieces.

My first altered book began as a new type of papercraft project.  Entitled The Traveler’s Tree, it was a study in paper piecing, placement, color, texture, and planning.  As you may imagine, cutting the pages of this book was quite traumatic for this library worker; but knowing that it would be filled with a new voice and personal meaning kept me moving forward.  It taught me a lot about myself and inspired me to create another book about my experiences with cancer.

This book took a deeper look at not only my experience with cancer but loved ones going through their own battles with this illness, as well. In some ways I feel is it still a work in progress.  I gathered quotes and images from friends, family, and other writings that made me feel a connection with what we were going through at the time.  It is broken down into steps ranging from Diagnosis to Cure.

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