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Extreme Reader Challenge Category Archive

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Extreme Reader Challenge Category Archive

2020 Extreme Reader Categories

  1. A book about or set during World War II (printable list I catalog)
  2. A book about politics or politicians (printable list I catalog)
  3. A book based on a real person (printable list I catalog)
  4. A book commonly assigned to read in high school (printable list I catalog)
  5. A book from a LibraryReads list (printable list I catalog)
  6. A book of your own choosing
  7. A book over 500 pages (printable list I catalog)
  8. A book published when the author was under 35 years old (printable list I catalog)
  9. A book recommended by library staff or an independent bookseller (printable list I catalog)
  10. A book revolving around a puzzle or a game (printable list I catalog)
  11. A book set in outer space (printable list I catalog)
  12. A book set in the state or country where you were born
  13. A book suggested by a person younger than you
  14. A book that inspired a common phrase or idiom (printable list I catalog)
  15. A book that takes place during a single day (printable list I catalog)
  16. A book that takes place in a country outside of the United States (printable list I catalog)
  17. A book that takes place in multiple time periods (printable list I catalog)
  18. A book translated from its original language (printable list I catalog)
  19. A book under 200 pages (printable list I catalog)
  20. A book with a bookstore in it (printable list I catalog)
  21. A book with a brewery or winery in it (printable list I catalog)
  22. A book with a character who has a superpower (printable list I catalog)
  23. A book with a circus in it (printable list I catalog)
  24. A book with a large cast of characters (printable list I catalog)
  25. A book with a number in the title (printable list I catalog)
  26. A book with a planet in the title (printable list I catalog)
  27. A book with a punny title (printable list I catalog)
  28. A book with an amateur detective (printable list I catalog)
  29. A book with an anti-hero or anti-heroine (printable list I catalog)
  30. A book with an image of a feather on the cover (printable list I catalog)
  31. A book with an image of a sword on the cover (printable list I catalog)
  32. A book with an LGBTQIA+ protagonist (printable list I catalog)
  33. A book with drawings, diagrams, photos, or pictures in it (printable list I catalog)
  34. A book with siblings in it (printable list I catalog)
  35. A book with sports in it (printable list I catalog)
  36. A book with the name of a month in the title (printable list I catalog)
  37. A book with the word “Book” in the title (printable list I catalog)
  38. A book with the word “Extreme” or “Reader” in the title (printable list I catalog)
  39. A book with the word “Salty”, “Sweet”, “Spicy”, or “Bitter” in the title (printable list I catalog)
  40. A book written by a celebrity (printable list I catalog)
  41. A book written by a woman of color (printable list I catalog)
  42. A book written by an author with an alliterative name (printable list I catalog)
  43. A book written by an Indigenous author (printable list I catalog)
  44. A book written by an LGBTQIA+ author (printable list I catalog)
  45. A book you have purposefully avoided reading
  46. A book you meant to read in 2019
  47. A collection of essays (printable list I catalog)
  48. A Michael L. Printz winner or honor book (printable list I catalog)
  49. A non-fiction and fiction book about the same topic (non-fiction book) (printable list)
  50. A non-fiction and fiction book about the same topic (fiction book) (printable list)
  51. A true crime or crime fiction novel (printable list I catalog)
  52. An historical fiction novel (printable list I catalog)
  53. An “own voices” book (printable list I catalog)
  54. Read a book in a format you don’t normally read 
  55. The first book in a series (printable list I catalog)

2019 Extreme Reader Categories

  1. A book suggested by another Extreme Reader
  2. A book with a female protagonist
  3. A Hugo Award winner or nominee
  4. A beach read
  5. A book set in the South
  6. A western
  7. A collection of short stories
  8. A book set somewhere you’ve never been
  9. A book you own but have never read
  10. A book with food in it
  11. A book with royalty in it
  12. A graphic novel
  13. A book with a birthday in it
  14. A love story
  15. A dystopian novel
  16. A book about books
  17. A sad book
  18. A book set in Washington
  19. A book inspired by another literary work
  20. A book with X, Y, or Z in the title
  21. A book from a library display
  22. A book with a lifestyle different from your own
  23. A book with a character you intensely dislike
  24. A nonfiction book
  25. A book with garden in the title
  26. A book with a red cover
  27. A book with a mental illness
  28. A book by a Washington author
  29. An autobiography
  30. A book with a season in the title
  31. A book with a floral cover
  32. A book published posthumously
  33. A book with a one-word title
  34. A book you choose based entirely on its cover
  35. An epistolary book
  36. A book you love … read it again!
  37. A wildcard book
  38. A book on the Great American Read list
  39. A retelling or reimagining of a story
  40. A paperback book
  41. A book with an animal in the title
  42. A book with a city in the title
  43. A mystery or thriller
  44. Listen to an audiobook
  45. A book published this year
  46. A book made into a movie or TV show
  47. A book with a witch in it
  48. A book with multiple narrators
  49. A book of poetry
  50. A book that is a modern classic
  51. An author’s first book
  52. A literary novel
  53. A popular book you never got around to reading
  54. A book written by two authors
  55. A book you never finished
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