Scare Wear: Costume Ideas Inspired by Cult Classics

Struggling to come up with a Halloween costume idea? Maybe you don’t have a big budget or a professional makeup artist to help but these movies might just inspire you! As horror movie aficionados, cosplay enthusiasts, and lovers of all things Halloween, these are some of the greatest costumes Tacoma Public Library has ever seen!

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas character: Sally

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World character: Ramona

Donnie Darko character: Frank the Bunny

Silent Hill character: Dark Nurse

Shaun of the Dead character: Shaun

The Princess Bride character: Dread Pirate Roberts

The Ring character: Samara

Ghostbusters character: a Ghostbuster

Pirates of the Caribbean character: Captain Jack Sparrow

The Crow character: Eric Draven

Hellbound character: Pinhead

The Thing character: Macready

Wonder Woman character: Wonder Woman

Now for some costumes we haven’t seen yet but really want to!

Legend character: Darkness

What We Do in the Shadows character: Peter

Hellboy II character: Angel of Death

Alien character: Xenomorph