Middle School Students Compete for Glory in the Battle of the Books

Tacoma Public School (TPS) Students will bring their A game to this year’s Battle of the Books, hosted at the Main Branch of Tacoma Public Library.

The Battle of the Books is a friendly competition that encourages students to read and have fun while competing with their classmates. Middle school teams, consisting of three to five students who jointly read 10 books, compete by answering questions about the books. Winning teams face off at a district level competition held at Tacoma Public Library.

Joining the battle? Need books? We have you covered!

If you are a student who plans to join the Battle, your school will have some copies of the titles, but there may not be enough to go around.

Remember you can use your TPS school I.D. or your library card to check out books from Tacoma Public Library. Here’s a list of the 2017 Battle of the Books selections. Tacoma Public Library has copies of them all!

Are you unfamiliar with using your student ID as a library card? Learn more about Tacoma Public Library’s partnership with Tacoma Public School District.

Are you a Tacoma Public School Student thinking of joining the Battle of the Books?  Talk to your teacher-librarian to learn more.