Creative Events From Crafts to Coding for Teens and Preteens – Spring 2018


Teens and preteens we know you love to invent, create, and imagine. Let’s make it happen. Join us to release some creative energy in the library! Explore these events occurring in March and April. Hyperlinked titles lead to further information.


Crafty  Reader’s Club -  Make fun and fancy crafts at multiple locations. Discuss books, shows, and characters. Eat snacks. New craft each month. Ages 11-18.

Zendoodle Mirrors - Learn to create intricate and fun doodles using the Zendoodle technique. Apply your newfound skills on the back of a hand mirror that you get to keep! Ages 11-18.

Coloring  - Enjoy beautiful coloring pages and drawing materials at these coloring drop-in events with refreshments.

Creative Writing!

Attend a variety of spoken word, poetry, and short fiction classes.  Aimed at middle to high school students.


Kid’s Code Club – Learn how to code at your own pace.  Fun and interactive. Registration suggested. Ages 7-17.

Dot and Dash Robots  - Use these nifty robots to conquer progressively harder challenges, which may include navigating a maze, playing the xylophone, and launching ping pong balls at a target. Registration required.  Ages 6 to 15.