Library Game Day

You are cordially invited to the debut of the Board Game Collection at the Swasey Branch of Tacoma Public Library on January 12th from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

If everything you know about Board Games starts with “Candy Land” and ends with “Monopoly”, you are in for a surprise!

Board game sales have skyrocketed and more people than ever before are playing board games! In just the last few years a variety of games have become bona fide hits. For example:

  • LOVE LETTER (2012) - Playable in 20 minutes by up to four people, this game has only 16 cards! It is still quite popular and almost a dozen ‘official’ versions have been released.
  • PANDEMIC (2008) - Still going strong, this is a co-operative game where up to fourlayers band together to save the world from four fatal diseases. (This game is in our collection!)
  • KEYFORGE: CALL OF THE ARCHONS (2018) Just released, this is a game from the designer of “Magic: the Gathering”. Every copy has two basic decks of cards, and two unique decks. How unique? There are 104 Quadrillion (104,000,000,000,000,000) different decks possible, so it will be a while before they run out!

For the Swasey Board Game Collection Debut on January 12th we will have some special guests bringing their collection of introductory decks to teach you how to play “Magic: The Gathering” and the “Pokemon Card Game”. When you are finished learning the games, you can take a deck of cards home and play some more!  

                BRING YOUR CAMERA! – Have your picture taken with Renowned Pokemon Authority: Professor Conner!

Beginning on January 15th the Swasey Board Game Collection will be available for check-out and use inside the library only.  

We will have games in our collection available to play, or learn to play for all ages and interests!