Arch-Nemesis: Why Is There Caution Tape on the Wheelock Branch Front Stairs?

Since late December, the left-side of the stair case leading up to the North 26th Street entrance to the Wheelock Branch has been blocked-off with yellow construction tape. Some branch users have been asking why?

The tape is there because of an on-going maintenance project to improve safety by securing the concrete along the top of the archway over the stairs. With the arrival of cold, wet and windy weather last year, it was noted by Wheelock Branch staff that small chunks of concrete had begun to break away and fall off the top edge of the archway onto the left-side stairs below. Fortunately, no one has been injured.

Tacoma Public Library maintenance staff have assessed the situation and determined that the falling concrete was due to minor cosmetic problems rather than larger structural faults -- the result of surface rain erosion and repeated freezing and heating over the years. Soon, a new metal cap will be installed to protect and secure the top of the archway and prevent further problem.

The Wheelock Branch staff appreciate your patience during this project.