What’s the latest at Tacoma Public Library? 

Updates on Tacoma Public Library’s plans for reopening two branches, refreshing the Main Library, and expanding services 

Tacoma Public Library today announces several updates to its current operations: opening two more locations, upgrading facilities at downtown’s Main Library, and expanding appointment-based services to specialized library departments. 

Two more locations will open May 11  

On Tuesday, May 11, the Kobetich Library and Moore Library will open at limited capacity for visits by appointment or walk-in. This will be a total of four locations open in Tacoma Public Library’s system, which is comprised of eight brick-and-mortar libraries and one Microlibrary located in the Eastside Community Center. 

 Fern Hill Library and Swasey Library opened on Tuesday, March 16, 2021.  

 We would like to have more of our locations open, but continue to face setbacks in doing so,” stated Director Kate Larsen.  

 “Numerous unanticipated absences throughout our system due to illness, injuries, and even jury duty have left Tacoma Public Library extremely short staffed. In addition, we are working to complete a full-scale technology upgrade project that began in early 2020; the final stages of the work will ensure that visitors will have access to computers and printers when our doors reopen.  

 Everyone at TPL is committed to moving as quickly – but as safely – as we can,” continued Larsen. 

Main Library undergoing facility upgrades and reorganization  

Creative thinking about the utilization of the 90,000 square feet of the Main Library will bring about facility upgrades and a reorganization of operations at downtown’s Main Library. TPL’s flagship location will remain closed through fall 2022 for these changes: 

  • Library operations will be consolidated to the first floor and Northwest Room     
    • The second floor will be updated with spaces to host local nonprofit tenants  
    • Tacoma Tool Library  has been operating from the Main Library since Jan. 2021  
  • TPL will announce the other two nonprofit organizations soon 
  • Main Library staff freed up by the reorganization have been deployed to other locations in the library system to alleviate staffing shortages 

Library services expand to allow access to special departments of the library 

  • The Digital Media Lab will open for visits by appointment on Wednesday, May 12 
  • The Northwest Room will open for visits by appointment on Saturday, May 15 

 Current library services:  

  •  All locations including the Eastside Microlibrary offer TPL To Go curbside service 
  • TPL continues to offer virtual programs, services, and assistance during its hours of operations from Tuesday to Saturday  

For the most up-to-date information on library services, visit our TPL Now page. Thank you for supporting Tacoma Public Library!