Tacoma Public Library launches Tacoma Needs Strong Libraries campaign in response to City of Tacoma 2021–22 Budget Proposal

TACOMA, WASH, On Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, Tacoma’s City Manager presented the City of Tacoma’s 2021-22 budget, opens a new window to Tacoma’s City Council, with adjustments made due to the $67 million deficit caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Tacoma Public Library’s Proposed Budget has been reduced by $2.2M, leading to potential reductions in programs and services and the elimination of 22 library staff members, including three library managers and 18 public services staff.

In response, Tacoma Public Library has launched the Tacoma Needs Strong Libraries campaign, and we need your help.

Please advocate for Tacoma Public Library:

Take action today! The City Manager’s budget is currently being reviewed by the City Council and is scheduled for adoption at their November 17, 2020 meeting.


About Tacoma Public Library:

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