Brian Leu

I majored in Pre-Veterinary Animal Sciences. Upon graduation, I did not continue to Veterinary School and worked at the Lyon Arboretum. A good friend convinced me to take pottery lessons, located under a cottage, at the Lyon Arboretum. On the 4th week of lessons, I was obsessed and bought a pottery wheel. A year later, I went back to the University of Hawaii to get a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics. In the ceramics department, a friend’s sister suggested I take computer classes in the School of Library Studies. That is how I became a Librarian.

Cone 10 – Fired to 2381 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reduction - The amount of available oxygen fire needs to burn is reduced. The fire then takes oxygen from the glaze causing color changes.

Saggar – A pot is placed in a closed container with combustibles and fired.

Raku – Fired to 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit. Western style is to throw pot into combustibles when the glaze has melted. This causes reduction where the flame has touched the pot.

Hot Glove Raku – Grabbing a pot, using gloves and a fire suit, because the size or shape is too difficult to pickup with tongs.