Liz McDevitt

Artist Statement

Liz McDevitt is a realistic artist, art work that tells a story.

30 years as an art teacher lead her to venture many different mediums as she had to learn many mediums to help young people find their niche. With their desire, talent, searching and needing to express themselves she applied “adult art tricks” to their level to achieve success, plus each to see in art there are no “mistakes, just new happenings, getting them to draw/paint for themselves and not to draw to please others, also to instill much needed confidence. Working with great grandson, McKaden (7), great little artist.... a blessing in dis-guise, especially with this covid issue we all have had to face/deal with.She has won many awards with many art pieces in private collections.After she drew a picture of Mt. Rainier for her granddaughter, who lives in New Zealand, she had it tattooed on her “hip”.

Contact Information

Text: (253) 414-3712

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