Jim Anderson

Artist Statement
My art is an invitation to make a connection, to appreciate the moment, and to be a playful presence. I like art that appreciates the imperfections of nature, life, and relationships and allows us to just be who we are.  I am drawn to the art of people who live close to the earth and the cycles of nature and ties us back to our ancient ancestors and reminds us that we are all connected.

I like art that people can touch and cradle in their arms. I try to create sculptures that adults and children can actually hold and feel the shapes and forms, smell the wood, and eventually become friends.

I have sculpted wood and metal for over fifty years. I am especially drawn to wood. I love the feel, sound and smells of a chisel cutting into a piece of wood and creating a sculpture. I usually start with an idea sketched on to a piece of wood. Then I begin a conversation with the wood and I let its grain, knots, and imperfections inform the shape of the sculpture. I like working in a range of woods, each with their own characteristics and challenges. As I am in the process of creating a sculpture, I often set it on the dining room table and so we can get to know each other over meals.

I also enjoy working with copper pipe. I first used copper pipe as I remodeling or repaired plumbing in old houses. Over time, I began to appreciate its artistic potential. I like its feel and color and the shapes and forms I can create with it. I began experimenting with it as a creative medium. I especially like creating musical instruments. However, I am also beginning to experiment with water sculptures and other abstract forms using copper pipe.

I get my inspiration for various projects by paying attention and noticing shapes and forms such as the branches in a tree or the curve of a jaw. I am inspired by moments when people are experiencing emotions and passion such as when a musician is lost in his or her instrument, or a couple is arguing on the street. I especially appreciate simple experiences like when a lizard runs up a wall and stops for a moment or I see an old guitar leaning against a wall.

Phone Information

Email: jima2525@comcast.net

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