What’s a Playaway?

Do you have fond memories of using a Walkman in the 80’s? Do you love listening to library audiobooks but find it’s a pain to keep track of all those discs? Do you want to be able to listen to audiobooks while exercising or on the go? Well the library’s Playaway collection is the solution for you!

A Playaway is a small preloaded audiobook player that fits in your pocket.  No changing discs, no downloading files, and no internet needed, it’s that easy!  Just grab one AAA battery, plug in your headphones, and go.  Playaways can also be plugged into speakers or your car using an adaptor cable for more listening options.  Best of all, Playaways for Adults, Teens, and Kids can be checked out for free from your local Tacoma Public Library branch!

Check out all the Playaways at Tacoma Public Library!