Rock Out at Your Library

Libraries ROCK! So come to your library and paint a rock. Your session will be a half hour and have lots of paint to design a perfectly artistic rock. Or maybe your rock will scare the neighbor's cat! LOL! Come one; come all to ROCK OUT AT YOUR LIBRARY.

All supplies are provided by the library, but not protective cover-ups.

All are welcome, but if you are under 10 you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

This is a ticketed event, and you may choose from one of four locations available.

Pick-up your free ticket at the branch the day of the event for one of the free available sessions. 

If you want to try some rock painting at home take a look at this great list from the library!

Rock Painting

Turn plain rocks and stones into beautiful works of art. Packed with creative ideas, step-by-step projects, and endless inspiration, Art on the Rocks offers a colorful, modern approach to rock painting. Following an overview of how to gather and prepare your rocks, as well as a basic review of the tools and materials necessary for each project, three talented rock-painting artists demonstrate a range of contemporary designs featuring patterns, animals, mandalas, and more.

Using a simple doodle as a starting point, 18 artists take you on an inspirational, crafty journey! Filled with inventive prompts designed to fuel the imagination, these 75 exercises motivate crafters to pick up a pencil, brush, or marker, and explore their artistic voice.

The illustrations--thirty-two color plates, nearly 250 photographs, and numerous line drawings--bring together in one volume petroglyphs and rock paintings that are scattered over thousands of miles of desert and mesa, giving the reader an overview of Indian rock art that would be nearly impossible to achieve in the field.

Linda Kranz is the wildly popular author of a series of journals for kids and teens that includes All About Me: A Keepsake Journal for Kids. Linda got started painting on rocks when she found she no longer had time to tackle large painting projects and needed to find smaller ones. She discovered small rocks provided the perfect canvas. She has been painting rocks for many years but this is her first book on the subject. It was done because many of her young fans requested one after seeing the rocks she brought with her on school visits.

A practical step-by-step guide to painting rocks to look like animals. The text is illustrated with color photographs showing the stages of transformation, and the techniques employed. This is something anyone can do and enjoy.

Looking at the range, diversity and location of petroglyphs, this book records many sites that are endangered, damaged or destroyed. As many sites fall victim to vandal or bulldozer, it is the author's hope that greater public awareness will save a fragile and irreplaceable heritage.

Rock painting is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression known to man. The varied surfaces, shapes, and sizes of rocks also make them perfect for crafts. From brooches to bookends, paperweights to place cards, miniature owls to patterned pebbles, you can create just about anything with the right rock and a bit of imagination.

The author divides Africa into four geographical zones: the Sahara, the Horn and East Africa, Southern Africa, and the west and central continent. Each zone is characterized by a unique artistic and representational style, ranging from realism to modern symbolism. He places the artworks into the context of their discovery by the great explorers and evokes legendary tales to elucidate these enduring traces of prehistory.

This guide to designing and painting river rocks using patterns and inspirational bible scripture contains full color photographs and a step-by-step process for all ages and skill levels.

Mandala stones are meditative symbols that are created by painting smooth river rocks with intricate patterns of dots. The art and practice of creating the mandala is a form of meditation, a soothing ritual that allows the painter to express their creativity and find a sense of calmness.

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