Rap and Hip Hop Music

"For many of us, Hip Hop culture saved our lives, or at the very least, gave it a purpose. Our worldviews, politics, social awareness, and sense of self have been shaped by Hip Hop. Some of us have become activists, community organizers, educators, healers, youth advocates and socially responsible entrepreneurs because Hip Hop gave us the spark to believe we could change the world.” Sebastien Elkouby, opens a new window, Hip Hop Culture historian, writer, creative consultant, and award winning educator.

Explore Rap and Hip Hop albums and books available from Tacoma Public Library. For more information on how you can develop your musical talents stop by the Digital Media Lab at the Main Branch of Tacoma Library or, if you’re between the ages of 14 to 18, register for your place in Hip-hop Rap Summer Camp for Teens!