Give the gift of handmade jewelry this holiday season!

What’s nice about making gifts for friends and family?

  • The scope and complexity of the project is up to you
  • Making gifts tend to be less expensive than store bought
  • Each gift can be tailored to the specific individual’s personality and preferences
  • Handmade gifts show you care enough to put time, thought and effort into the gift

Making jewelry doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple pieces like earrings take few supplies and no prior knowledge. To see how easy it is to make a pair of earrings, watch this short video, opens a new window.


Tacoma Library has plenty of books to help you get started making jewelry. From easy to more complex projects and classic to funky designs, great jewelry is all at your fingertips. Literally. Take a look at these books and visit your local branch to get more recommendations.

Bring a little sparkle into the lives of those you love!