Booksurfing – Share what inspires you

Tacoma Public Library Teen Services brings you Booksurfing. Booksurfing, opens a new window is a rapidly spreading social movement that connects people through the written word. Now it’s coming to Tacoma.

“… surfs have been held in hundreds of homes, bars, cafes, parks and other hosting spaces all around the world. Surfs are offered to the general public free of charge, and have no political or religious agenda. The only moving force behind BookSurfing is curiosity and the ability to listen to others.” – Booksurfing Website

How it works
Select a text (400 words or less) that inspires you, such as…

  • A book excerpt
  • Poem
  • Comic
  • Meme
  • Newspaper or magazine article
  • A blog or social media post like a tweet
  • Any readable text

Bring your text to the surf.  Read it aloud. Discuss it. It’s that easy! If you immediately started thinking of a text you would love to share, select a surf to attend now, and make it happen! Ages 11 and up. Refreshments served.