Blind Date With A Book Is Back…Again!

June 6th - July 29th

Stop by any Tacoma Public Library and “Build a Better World” with extraordinary armchair travel and go where few have gone before. Enjoy intriguing fiction written by fascinating people.  But don’t forget that this year’s theme is “Build a Better World. “ So be prepared for those titles that will JOLT you into “BUILDING.” Blind Date with a Book IS BACK…AGAIN!

Stop by your local branch and pick-up your “Blind Date!” Choose your secretly wrapped book AND check-out. You won't know the genre, author, title, etc of your selection until you unwrap your “Date.”

Then your “Blind Date” has a chance to impress you, and we want to hear all about it.  Tell us all about your date. Tacoma Public Library is all about feedback. So post your opinion at the bottom of this blog and SHARE! Or you can return the form included with your date to your branch library were it will be posted on a bulletin board for others to read.