Main Construction

The Main Library, located at 1102 Tacoma Avenue South in downtown Tacoma, is undergoing a refresh to update the facility and create space for community partner tenants. While construction is underway, the lobby of Main Library remains open for limited services (note that there is no access to public restrooms from the lobby). Main Library’s Digital Media Lab and Northwest Room are open for appointment-based visits. 

The first and second floor of the library will receive necessary repairs and reopen with a new layout that has space for community partner tenants whose missions align with Tacoma Public Library’s. For example, the Tacoma Tool Library, opens a new window has been operating from the Main Library (via curbside services) since January 2021. 

Interior updates will include repairing some of the most noticeable wear and tear: peeling drywall, carpet worn down through to the concrete, and a 30-year-old elevator needing safety upgrades.  

Once these repairs and updates are complete, Tacoma Public Library anticipates reopening the Main Library in 2024. A phased reopening is possible.