What is early literacy?

Early literacy is everything your child knows about reading and writing before they can actually read or write.

Without early literacy skills it will be more difficult for a child to learn how to read and write. The good news is helping them develop those skills is really easy!

Read + Talk + Sing + Write + Play EVERYDAY = Great Readers!

Spending a few minutes a day on these practices is all it takes to grow excellent readers. Below are some tips and ideas to help you get started. Ask your local librarian for recommendations for books to share with the children in your life.


Read signs, labels and cereal boxes. Every time you see a word, read it out loud. Share books on topics your child is interested in. A love of books is an important pre-reading skill.


Narrate your day. Talk about what you are doing while you are doing it. Ask preschoolers to talk about their day, as well. Use a variety of words to describe the things you see and do during the day. The more you talk, the larger their vocabularies will be.


Do you remember your favorite childhood song or rhyme? Share it with your child. If you can’t think of one, learn a new one from this website (http://jbrary.com/youtube-playlists/, opens a new window) where librarians demonstrate all kinds of rhymes and songs. Singing and rhyming helps children understand the rhythm and structure of language by breaking up words and sentences into smaller pieces. Songs also demonstrate that language can be playful!

For more information, please ask at your local library branch or visit one of our upcoming storytimes.