They Don’t Grow ’em Like They Used To!

On July 30, 1946, Fred R. Davis, left, and Percy J. Maras stand in front of a downed old growth Douglas fir tree. The cross section of the log is almost 14 feet, more than twice the height of the men. A section from the foot of this log was hauled to the Northwest Door Company in Tacoma. The tree was cut by the Davis & Maras Co. from the Northwest Door holdings southwest of Mount Rainier in the center of Western Washington. It took three men working with axes and a power saw one and one half days to down the mammoth tree. Two of the men were reported by a Maras family member to be the "Miller brothers." Its lowest limb was 95 feet from the ground level. However, the top part of the tree had been shattered by natural causes, possibly lightning, 198 feet from the base and the tree was beginning to rot. Rings show that the tree was approximately 586 years old.

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