The Handmaid’s Tale and the Freedom to Choose

This September stand with Tacoma Public Library as we honor banned and challenged literature. The The Handmaid's Tale has touched the hearts of millions since its debut in 1985. Now a major T.V. series, Margaret Atwood’s story continues to examine the freedom to choose and why we should never take that freedom for granted.   Kate Lechtenberg is a contributor to the “Intellectual Freedom Blog” of the American Library Association. Read how The Handmaid’s Tale challenged her perspectives and inspires her day to day life: 

“Atwood didn’t let me look away from the quiet horror of Offred’s life in Gilead. I was captivated by her memories and shocked but somehow steadied by Atwood’s precise, clear-eyed depiction of the most dystopian scenes: the Ceremony, the Salvaging. She made me face life’s challenges with eyes wide open: freedom, choice, faith, love. As I re-read the book and shared it with friends, family and students, I began to read Offred’s story as a challenge, not a tragedy.” 

                Read more of Kate Lechtenberg’s experience of The Handmaid’s Tale and celebrate your freedom to choose.