Share your story with Podcast Kits

Are you ready to create, edit, and launch your own podcast? TPL has made it easy to share your story and gain hands-on experience through Podcast kits available for checkout and programming to help you get started.  

TPL carries the All-in-one and the USB Microphone podcast kits available for checkout. The All-in-one kit includes a portable Zoom H1n Handy Recorder which allows for easy recording of high-resolution audio, and is perfect for starting out on your podcasting journey. The USB Microphone kit is ideal for voice overs, and home studio recording.     

Find support on your podcast journey in TPL’s Podcast Café, a monthly group led by Digital Media Lab instructor John Hargis where topics covered can include best practices for setting up your own recording space, developing compelling content from episode to episode, and a careful analysis of what makes some of today's podcasts so engaging and popular. You’ll also meet other podcast creators in a fun and supportive environment for creators at any stage of their podcast creation. 

Click here to check out a podcast kit, register for Podcast Café, and get started creating the content you want to share with your community and the world.