Visiting the Lexington, 1929

Perched high above the flight deck of the U.S.S. Lexington on the 8-inch guns of the forward turrets, these young women do not appear at all nervous during their visit to the aircraft carrier in December, 1929. The Navy permited tours of the ship which was tied up at Baker Dock from mid-December 1929 to mid-January 1930 to provide power to the City of Tacoma. Freda Gardener of the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce, Ethel Haasarud, RKO cashier, and Naomi Dykeman, head usher at the Fox Rialto, were present to promote the Chamber of Commerce's big dance for the Lexington's enlisted men on December 26 at the Greenwich Coliseum. They would be the judges awarding prizes to the most handsome, most happy and best dancer present at the dance