Get Certified in Microsoft Office at Tacoma Public Library

Free certification in these Microsoft Office products is currently available from Tacoma Public Library:

Excel and/or Excel Expert
Share Point (2013 only)
OneNote (2013 only)
Word and/or Word Expert

  • Candidates may certify for 2013 or 2016 of the software listed unless otherwise indicated
  • Candidates for certification must pass an initial practice exam of 85% or better, which is available by appointment
  • Certification exams are proctored by designated library staff and are free
  • Tacoma Public Library provides free access to exam preparation materials
  • MTA testing (Microsoft Technology Associate is also available)

Free access to the exams is made possible through a joint project with the Washington State Library and Microsoft. Contact Tacoma Public Library, 253-292-2001 ext. 1754 to find out more.