Fern Hill Library temporarily closed for HVAC upgrades

Fern Hill Library is temporarily closed for an estimated five weeks to replace its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The closure began Tuesday, April 16, and the library is anticipated to reopen by Tuesday, May 28.

Fern Hill Library has long needed its HVAC system replaced. Last summer, the outdated air conditioning system struggled to keep the building cool during the heat wave.

“We are prioritizing this repair so that the library is ready to welcome patrons for the busy summer season, especially for the Summer Reading Challenge,” stated Facilities Manager Phil Torgerson. “The library will be much more comfortable and energy efficient when it has an updated HVAC system.”

Book drops will remain open while Fern Hill Library is closed; patrons who use Fern Hill Library to pick up their holds will receive information on how to select an alternate library location during the temporary closure. If no alternate location is selected, holds will default to South Tacoma Library while Fern Hill Library is closed.

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