Dog and a Tag

On October 12,1956, Janice Pender, age 8, held up dog tag #1, issued by the Pierce County Humane Society, for her Afghan Hound "Voodoo's" approval. The Pierce County Humane Society, not officially recognized by the city, was offering free licenses to dogs under the age of six months. These were not to be confused with city licenses required by and obtained through the official Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society for all dogs over six months of age. The Tacoma-Pierce County Humane Society had been organized many years previously and had a contract with the city of Tacoma to license and operate a pound. The newly organized, and confusing, Pierce County Humane Society was formed by disgruntled board members of the official Society. City Manager David Rowlands advised the City Council to disband the second Humane Society because it was too confusing.

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