Director’s Blog: October 2022

Welcome to October at Tacoma Public Library. We are proud to be a point of connection and resources and are grateful for all the ways our community supports us.

If you've been following the Feasibility Study project, researching the best opportunities for restoring library services to Hilltop and the Eastside, you'll be excited to know that the final report, appendices, and a recording of BERK Consulting's presentation of these results are now live on our webpage.

I want to thank our community partners, TPL Board of Trustees, staff, and every individual who participated in this study, especially residents of Hilltop and the Eastside, where libraries were closed in 2011. There is much more work ahead of us, but knowing what is most desired by the community and what is feasible is an important first step.

Thank you for your support,

Kate Larsen

Library Director