Image Featured on Library Card Brings Back Memories for Local Resident

When 63-year-old Pierce County resident Debra White Mosby was 7 years old, her photograph was taken by Richards Photography Studio during an Easter Egg Party held in Wright Park. The event featured egg decorating and an Easter egg hunt sponsored by the Hilltop Multi-Service Center. Debra, a second grader, was joined by first grader Wendy Wright and sixth grader Floyd Franklin for the photo. 

This photograph was among the images from the Northwest Room selected to be featured on TPL library cards. Debra was contacted by a friend who had visited a TPL library branch and saw a card with her picture. Debra got in touch with the library to share the following memory:

"I was shown a picture of a library card with children sitting on a bench holding rabbits. I’m the African American girl holding the black rabbit. I still live in Pierce County. Thank you for using that childhood photograph. I was 7 years old. I was enrolled at McCarver Elementary School. The News Tribune had a contest. They were looking for three students city wide to have this picture taken for the Easter season. I'm sorry I can’t remember what the contest was. The three of us were chosen. We took the picture at Wright Park on the bench where the lion statues were located. It was in the newspaper that year. I've had a copy of the picture in my possession all these many years. I was also on a drill team a few years later and that was also in the News Tribune. I now live in the county and I’m 63 years of age. Thank you, I feel so honored."

You can visit a TPL branch and pick up a library card featuring this or another image from the Northwest Room!