Use the library’s Buildings Index to research the history of your house!

Have you ever been interested in the history of a building or house in Tacoma or Pierce County? If so we recommend checking out our Tacoma-Pierce County Buildings Index, opens a new window. Here, you’ll find a list of references to properties in local newspapers, books, and magazines, along with available information about the construction year, builders and contractors, etc. Digitized images of the building from our collection may also be available. 

You can search for a building by entering its address or nickname. If you were looking up the Tacoma Dome you can either search "Tacoma Dome" or "2727 E D ST". If you can't find the building you are looking for by address make sure you have the correct address by double-checking it online.

(Pro tip: Try searching for an address or a block number. For instance, if you search for “6226 S WARNER ST, opens a new window” you will find the exact address and that building’s record. You can search by block if you replace the last two numbers of any address with zeros. For example, if you enter “6200 S WARNER ST, opens a new window” every house on the 6200 block of South Warner will come up in your list of results.)

Happy searching! If you have any questions or need help, contact the Northwest Room at (253) 280-2814, opens a new window.

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